Cardiac Pharmacology

Cardiovascular pharmacology deals with the medications which helps in the treatment of heart disease. Cardiac medications are used to treat the cardiac, circulatory and vascular system and various cardiovascular agents that are available to treat various cardiovascular conditions. There are 6 associations and societies and the main association for cardiology medical agents in the US and 50 universities work on cardiac medications. Recently, three new drugs were introduced in 2015 and many medications are yet to be introduced in the nearby future. In this era, cardiovascular drugs which is available at the market includes cardiac glycosides, anticoagulants, antiarrhythmic agents, anti-anginal agents and antihypertensive agents.


  • Track 1-1 Drug which Promotes Endothelial Function and Lowers Blood Pressure
  • Track 2-2 Pharmacokinetic Analysis in Patients with Acute Coronary Syndrome
  • Track 3-3 Genotoxic drugs
  • Track 4-4 Anti-cancer drugs

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